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Additional parameters missing when using db connection for login on Auth0's Lock



Hi There,

I have been using Lock for my iOS app’s Login flow. It works great, but now I need to pass additional parameters during login.

The Lock widget offers a parameters attribute which the docs say will be “sent with every authentication requests”. Sounds great, so I put this together:

  let params = ["favoriteFood": Base64Encode("pizza")]
  Lock.classic().withOptions {
    $0.oidcConformant = true
    $0.allow = [.Login, .ResetPassword]
    $0.parameters = params

The issue is, my custom parameters aren’t showing up inside the login request when I login with a database connection. When I login with a social connection like google, I am seeing these parameters.

Has anyone else found a solution to this? Or can someone clarify the purpose of this “parameters” attribute, so I can better understand how to use it?

Thanks, Dylan

NOTE: The docs specify that “the following parameters are supported: access_token, scope, protocol, device, request_id, nonce and state”, so I tried renaming my custom parameter “state” instead of “customParams”, but the issue remains.

  • Lock v2.5.1 Swift