Missing state or device parameters when using Lock?

I’m using Lock v10.9 and have it setup something like this:

var options = {
	auth: {
		responseType: 'token',
		redirectUrl: 'https://jwt.io',
		redirect: true,
		params: {
			device: 'abc',
			scope: 'openid offline_access',
			nonce: 'superInsecureNonce',
			state: 'myState'

If I examine the network requests being made, though, the parameters like state and device aren’t being sent. What am I doing wrong?

This is a known-issue in Lock v10.9. You will be affected by this even if you use Auth0.js in your client application to redirect to Auth0’s Hosted Login Page and if that hosted page uses Lock v10.9.
The easiest remediation is to switch to a higher version of Lock, such as v10.11 (currently the latest).