Network changes causing relogin's on iOS

We have a user who has cookies turned off. They are reporting that they need to re-login every time they change change networks. Is this a known issue? Is there anything I can do from an API standpoint to stop this?

Hi Scott. Auth0 gets involved when the user firsts logs in, and then if the application requests a token renewal (if the token expires).
Not sure what your application type is (is it native or web? do you use cookies to keep the user session?). If your application type allows using refresh tokens, then the absence of cookies should have no effect in the flow.
If you just rely on the Auth0’s user session (which is referenced by a cookie on the user’s browser) then if cookies are blocked then there will be issues, for sure (but cookies turned off means that the user won’t be able to keep sessions pretty much in any web site).

My bad we are using Lock in a native Swift app.