iOS Native SDK: How can we enable a login when the user has decided to block all cookies?

Hi, we’ve switched to Auth0 lately, using the Auth0 SDK for iOS to present the login screen to our customers.

However, we see complaints that the login “is not working”. Most of these cases are related to the customer having enabled the “Block all Cookies” setting in the Safari settings.

Is there a way to also enable the Auth0 login for these customers?

If the customer does not wish to use cookies, in my opinion, we as developers should respect his decision. He even, when enabling this setting, confirmed the big warning that Apple had shown to him. Forcing him to switch this setting is not a good user experience, and Auth0 should have a solution to respect the user’s decision.

In that regard, switching to Auth0 has become a worse customer experience in comparison to our previous solution, where we displayed a login using a username and password field natively.

Hello @cmittendorf welcome to the community!

I think the following response from one of our iOS engineers about sums this up:

You might also be interested in the Lock.Swift swift library which is the embedded login option.

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