Lock Android SDK showing small size social login buttons


Also, for universal login, how to pass multiple social login connection names in .withConnection()?
eg- .withConnection(“twitter”, facebook…etc)

I’m using following versions:

implementation ‘com.auth0.android:auth0:1.15.2’
implementation ‘com.auth0.android:lock:2.14.0’

Hey there!

Unfortunately I’m not an Android guy but will do my best to help! I’ll reach out to toll maintainers to check with them but can you provide me with the screenshot of the whole screen with the social login buttons?


Except following two things at the top:

  1. Header Title -> my_company_name
  2. Header Logo -> my_company_logo
    All displayed on the screen is those four social icons and nothing else.

I’m not sure if I understood you correctly. So basically you have the login page (built with Lock) and the social media login buttons are too small? I need to see the whole screen as with this screenshot they don’t seem small, you know what I mean? :slight_smile:

If you can provide me with more context, that would be great!

I want my icons to look like this.

Gotchya! :slight_smile: Thanks a lot! Let me get back to you with the info shortly!

Already discussing it with the team but it’s strange cause according to the repo changelog:

2.14.0 (2019-04-30)

From this release on, the option to display social connections in small styled buttons is no longer available due to branding compliance reasons. All the social connections will now be displayed as large styled buttons. Full Changelog


  • Remove “Small” social button style #529
  • Update google-oauth2 strategy logo #528

Thank you a lot for reporting that! There is indeed a use case in which the small buttons are shown. I’ll Fix is on the way and release of the patch also! :slight_smile: Sorry for the inconvenience!

These are the SDK versions I’m using:

    1. implementation ‘com.auth0.android:auth0:1.15.2’
    1. implementation ‘com.auth0.android:lock:2.14.0’


List list = array of social login strings [“facebook”,“linkedin”…]

Auth0 account = new Auth0(auth0_client_id,auth0_domain));


    Lock lock = Lock.newBuilder(account, callback)

            .withAudience("https://" + "my_url" + "/userinfo")


Yep yep, everything is fine :slight_smile: Check my previous message

I just saw it. Thanks for helping out.

There’s one more item I mentioned in my first message of the topic, please see below

Also, for universal login, how to pass multiple social login connection names in withConnection()?
eg- .withConnection(“twitter”, facebook…etc)

Can I ask you to create another topic for that and I’ll try to address that there? If someone searches for that in the future they will never find it as the title here is for the icons. Just want to make that knowledge more accessible to everyone in the forum as well.

Sure, no problem. :slight_smile:

It’s already fixed. We’re just waiting for merge and patch release:

The fix is already there. 2.14.1 was just released. You can update it and have normal social media buttons :slight_smile:

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