Facebook & Google Login Without Lock Android fails

I’m trying to login with Facebook without Locks because I don’t want to show the Auth0 Login UI. But I’m having two problems. The first one is that the provider start method receives an Activity so I can never get the onActivityResult in my LoginFragment.
The second one when I try to login with Facebook I got this message: “com.auth0.android.authentication.AuthenticationException: An error occurred when trying to authenticate with the server.”
Can you help me with my code? Also I want to remove the ugly thing that i have to do in the onActivityResult of my Activity

Hey there @MartuPuri, unfortunately, that error you recieved doesn’t detail too much. Please enable HTTP logging by calling auth0#setLoggingEnabled on your Auth0 instance and then come back and share the extended error message.

Also you can customize the logo you use with lock via the configuration options as described below.


Hi James, I found a way using WebAuthProvider instead of FacebookProvider and GoogleProvider. Is okay if I use WebAuthProvider with my custom view or should I use Lock?

Actually in our quickstart guide for Android we leverage both WebAuthProvider and Lock. I think in the end what really matters is your assets are being delivered appropriately, so as long as that’s happening you’re good! Thanks!

I wanted to follow up @MartuPuri and see if you had any additional questions on this subject. Thanks!

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