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Lock AJAX call on additional signup field


Using Lock sign up. Need to give users option to pick postcode/area as they type.

Is it possible to make AJAX call to a service and show options to the user as they type ?

Any help is much appreciated.


Hi @smarajitdasgupta,

It is possible to do additional XHRs on the Universal Login Page. It sounds like you are using Lock, which might be a bit more challenging to do, because there aren’t many tie ins. Lock was designed as a complete login widget with limited extensibility and customization. If you use DOM manipulation or tie events to lock you can get things to work, however you might find those integrations are brittle as the DOM can change at any time. For more custom login experiences I would highly recommend auth0.js which is a headless javascript SDK that allows you to build a custom UI for login without having to worry about the deeper implementation details associated with login. Using this SDK you’d have complete control over the UX and UI.