Linking accounts with "same" email when difference is a +


We’ve enjoyed our auth0 partnership a lot - as we continue to grow we’re running into a few scenarios we can’t seem to find answers to on Google. I want to be able to detect and apply the auth0 account linking rule on email when the email is identical up to a + filter.

For example, I want to recognize “” and “” as the same email and automatically link those accounts in the same way using the built in auth0 account linking rules.

Is this possible?

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Unfortunately, this is not possible with account linking. Auth0 supports the linking of the same user email address from various identity providers.

Thank you for your reply!

Is there some way to prevent creation of accounts in this scenario? So “some+email1” and “some+email2” are recognized as the same and an account exists error is thrown?

You wouldn’t be able to do this with a rule since they do not execute at user signup. I would recommending checking out hooks to potentially try to do this. You can read more here:

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Yep basically rules are run upon successful login @naveed

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