Don't create two user for the same email address

Hi, is there a way to setup Auth0 to not create two different users on the database for the following situation:

  1. User signup using a social connection
  2. Later on, same user signup and use the same email address.

What I am trying to achieve is to have only one user on the Auth0 database. I don’t want to have two different user with the same email address.

Any guide on this will be really helpful.


Rebillia Dev Team.

Hi @RebilliaDev,

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You can use the account linking strategy. Demonstrated here:

Or follow this thread for a solution that uses a pre reg hook:

It is up to you, but the account linking will let the user sign in with either option. For example, they can sign up with an email/password and then later sign in using google.

Hope this helps!


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