Linkedin OAuth failing with error_description: "[object Object]"

Howdy -

I’ve been having trouble with my LinkedIn Connection ever since I switched over to “Strategy Version 2” a few months ago. It seems that every time I attempt to authenticate with LinkedIn, or test using the “Test” button on the configuration screen, I receive an error with body

{ "error": "access_denied", "error_description": "[object Object]" }

(also see screenshot)

Things I have already tried:

  1. Generating new API Keys
  2. “Verifying” my application on LinkedIn (company admin portal)
  3. Inspecting the error message on the front end (spoiler: the error_description is already a string, so I can’t see what’s in that object)
  4. Turning it off and back on again

Has anyone seen this before? What could possibly be the matter?

  • Adam

An access denied error like that can come from rules setup within your own tenant so if you haven’t done so already I would check if you have rules enabled and if yes, try to do a quick test with all rules disabled just to confirm if they can be the source of the issue or not.


Thank you! I had one of the canned LinkedIn Rules active, disabling it solved the problem! Thank you, and sorry about the late response!

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Thanks a lot for letting us know and sharing what was wrong with the rest of community!

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