Unable to login with linkedin

when login with linkedin it gives error:

Type Failed Login
Description InternalOAuthError: failed to fetch user profile (status: 500 data: { “errorCode”: 0, “message”: “Internal API server error”, “requestId”: “A2ZF42YRNA”, “status”: 500, “timestamp”: 1550476658466 })
Connection linkedin

please solve this issue .

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Hi @apurav2007

Did you get the email notification about the API change in LinkedIn connections? Take a look here if you didn’t: Important changes in LinkedIn Connections

If you are unable to log in after switching to version 2 and providing your own keys, can you share the following:

  • Which version are you using?
  • Which attributes are enabled?
  • A .HAR file showing a login attempt using LinkedIn.
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I’m also getting this with one of my two LinkedIn accounts. I’m on V1 API but I expect/need it to work until it’s official decommission date.

Unfortunately we don’t have much control on what LinkedIn returns for v1. On the support side, we’ve seen cases where v1 still works and others where it doesn’t, probably related to when the application was created on LinkedIn. But the only suggestion at this point is to make the move to v2.

No problem, thanks for the help. For the record, moving to V2 is not an option in the next week as we rely on data not returned by V2 (position and organisation) - but obviously we’ll need to overcome that by March.

Thanks again for the reply.


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