Auth0 LinkedIn social connection access_denied error

Auth0 LinkedIn social connection access_denied error: “Cannot read property ‘values’ of null”

See problem at Auth0 LinkedIn social connection access_denied error: "Cannot read property 'values' of null" - Stack Overflow

I am also receiving the same issue.

:wave: @jsheely

I checked out the problem on StackOverflow and it seems it was confirmed it was an issue with one of the endpoints. Can you let me know if you issue been resolved? If not, is it possible for you to share your code snippet (please remove any sensitive details) so that I can further assist you with the issue.

Hi @kimcodes

We’re having the same issues with users not being able to sign up using LinkedIn. We didn’t change anything on our authentication code, it just stopped working.

My code is pretty standard:

//clientId, domain and BASE_URL is already set up
lock = new Auth0Lock(clientId, domain, { auth: {
        responseType: 'token',
        redirectUrl: BASE_URL
    } }
lock.on('unrecoverable_error', e => console.log(e));
lock.on('authorization_error', e => {
lock.on('authenticated', ({idToken}) => {
        //continues to login

The ‘authorization_error’ happens and gives the error:

error_description:“Cannot read property ‘values’ of null”

:wave: @tielman.mailbox are you using any other social connections, and if so do they work and it is just the LinkedIn connection that does not work? Is this issue still persisting?

Also, do you have any Rules that run against your client?