Limit Client requests on Machine to Machine flow

Customer is looking to limit the number of token requests on a client by client basis. The intention is to ensure no single client can consume the rate limit for a particular api.

I can’t see any options to limit from the UI. I can see that M2M does trigger the Login flow, so I have options in Actions.

This post talks to monitoring global endpoint usage.

What I don’t have is an approach to introducing a per client limit. Any thoughts here would be appreciated.

Hi Niall,

So whilst there’s currently no specific product configurable limitations that can be applied to Auth0 M2M token allocations, we do have some guidance which we’ve developed for our customers that can help in a number of different scenarios (see attached). Hope this helps :sunglasses:
Optimizing External M2M Token Reuse.pdf (301.0 KB)

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Hi Peter. Thanks for the response. I’ll review the document and report back once I’ve had a chance to digest it.

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