Legacy Network Edge Deprecation

As of 3 November 2021 for Public Cloud the Auth0 legacy network edge will cease to function and public cloud tenants who have not completed a migration to our new network edge will no longer receive traffic. All new tenants and Custom Domains are automatically created on the new network edge.

You can check if your domain has been migrated to the new network edge by going to https://<yourauth0.domain>/_debug and confirming that it has a certificate from the Baltimore CyberTrust Root.

If you are using a self-managed Custom Domain please check with your TAM or open a support ticket.

As part of the deprecation, on 9 June 2021, we are also removing custom domains associated with free tenants who are not entitled to custom domains, as well as paid tenants where the Custom Domain is not working and thus could not be migrated.

If you do not wish to retain your Custom Domain, then no action is required. It will stop functioning and be removed as soon as 9 June 2021, and no later than 3 November 2021.

For free tenants who need their Custom Domain to continue working, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid subscription. Once that is completed, it will then need to be migrated to our new network edge. You can migrate it by recreating the Custom Domain, which will cause it to be created on our new network edge. Alternatively, you can submit a Support ticket to coordinate a migration time with us to move your existing Custom Domain to the new edge. Thank you.

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