Changing subdomain on Legacy Free Account

Hey everyone! Sorry if this is a pretty straightforward answer but I have been struggling to figure this out.

I’m on a legacy Auth0 Free account apparently. I dont want to change anything with my plan because it’s all working as we need for now and we’re not over any limit with users yet. The problem is we changed our application name from one domain to another .com address -

When we redirect to auth0 we have the old subdomain (our old name) in the url… I cant figure out anywhere in the admin to change this!

Sales told me to ask the community so here I am, thanks for anyone that can help, this is sort of a big issue for us as our users are getting tripped up on the subdomain URL being so different… it would relieve some friction and anxiety for our users if the subdomain had our true application name.

Very best!

Hello Mario, You would need to set up a Custom domain on your tenant so your custom domains will be used instead of the Auth0 subdomain that you originally have.

Hope this helps.

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