Keyboard covering the input field when using the login screen on some mobile

One phone we know this is troubling is Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact​.
The keyboard is to big and covers the input field making it hard or the user to see what is written and change focus. We are using this on mobile phones on native apps for iOS and android, but the login screen is from Auth0. Can the version of Auth0 we use in our app cause the trouble? Meaning does the login screen, from Auth0, change based on the versions we use to route from?

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Yes this could certainly be causing an issue. What version and SDK are you using?

There are different ways to implement the hosted UI. It could be through classic universal login, which is usually built on our Lock SDK. It could also use a completely custom UI that you implemented. Or it could be the new universal login, which has its own design and implementation. Telling us what you use is a good place to start :smile:

Thank you @dan.woda :slight_smile:
Yes, sry did not have the version available when creating the case. I am not a technician on this project. Version: 1.13.2

I know it is an old one and we should update and especially if it can fix this keyboard case.

Hmmm, Lock is on v11.27.0…so I doubt you are using Lock.

Can tell what that is a version of? Which sdk?

It is the build version for our native Android App (java).

Are you using the Auth0.Android SDK version 1.13.2?

yes, that is correct

Sorry for the delayed response. It looks like the version you are using is quite out of date ( is currently on version 1.29.x). Can you upgrade and see if you are still having the issue?

I am going to mark this resolved because it has been idle for >14 days.