Universal Login Customisation - Dark theme - Verify Your Identity - Body Text

Dear auth0 community,

I didn’t find any post related but if there is already one, please let me know!

I am currently adding some customisation on the interface “Universal Login Customisation”

And I observe two things

  • The font colour of the Verify Your Identity > “iPhone X” correspond to “Body text” field
  • The background + spinner colour seems to not be customisable, so it always has a white background


We use a dark theme (Widget background to #1A1D25) and we set the “Body text” to a white colour (#F6F7F7). It looks good on the 3 first pages : “Welcome”, “Change Your Password”, “Secure Your Account”.

But on “Verify Your Identity”, the “iPhone X” text is invisible as the background of the field is white and apparently not customisable.

From my understanding, I see two possible solutions

  • Short-term solution on our side: We can change our theme to a light theme, to avoid the issue and have the text “iPhone X” visible.
  • Long-term Solution from auth0, could we eventually have this “iPhone X” background field customisable ?

Thank you for your reply & help,

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Same problem here. This is a big issue for us because it makes it effectively impossible to read the pre-filled user information on an invited user account.