"Can't load the login box." error Auth0 Lock 2 Android

Platform: Android
Product: com.auth0.android:lock:2.6.0 . (Lock widget 2.6.0)

We present the Auth0 Lock 2 widget with email, facebook, and google authentication options in our mobile application. Two days ago we got several one star reviews on our Android app, and emails to our support account complaining that the Auth0 Lock screen was not loading. One user included a screenshot:

The error reads, “Can’t load the login box”, as found here, Lock.swift/Lock.strings at master · auth0/Lock.swift · GitHub

We’ve never had people report this issue. Because many users reported it the same day, we suspect there was some issue with Auth0, and it’s not just that several users couldn’t figure out how to get their Internet connection sorted and retry.

It seems that a related Auth0 service may have experienced occasional trouble on March 18. I don’t see anything acknowledging this on the Auth0 status pages, http://uptime.auth0.com/

Can an Auth0 employee investigate and explain why this happened, and whether we should expect to experience more outages with the Auth0 Lock screen?

We are experiencing this issue too. It seems to be location-specific. Our users from Canada reported such issue, while users outside Canada were not affected.

is this something you’re currently experiencing? We had an issue this afternoon related to logging into our website but that was resolved.

If you’re still experiencing an issue please let us know and provide any logs you can so we can investigate.

This is an Android Lock issue and it occurred for the first time on 16-th/17-th and was affecting our users until today.

We asked one user try again today and she was still blocked by this issue. We told her to uninstall and reinstall our app, but we’re really just stalling. I don’t have any meaningful logs because this issue seems to be happening inside the lock library.

We are currently investigating this - any logs that can be provided would be appreciated.

To update - this has been resolved and you should download the latest release, v2.8.3

Thanks, here’s the github issue where the Auth0 team tracked and completed resolution for those who want to see OkHttp error · Issue #457 · auth0/Lock.Android · GitHub

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