Unable to type anything into the login box?

I’ve managed to display the Auth0 login screen from within my app at however, it is not letting me enter any information in either the email address field or the password field.

Any ideas?


Please provide the code you are using to initialize Lock, and confirm if you are overriding any CSS? The issue seems to possibly be due to any other HTML/CSS you have on that page. One thing you can try is to remove everything else and keep the barebones Lock widget, to see if this it solves the issue.

Hi @prashant,

Here is the code I use to initialize Lock:

mainform_tfrmmain.$p.tfrmmain_scrmainload = function(sender)
   var $t = this;
   mainform_lock = eval("new Auth0Lock(\"" + mainform_cclientid + "\",\"" + mainform_cclientdomain + "\");");
   mainform_lock.on("authenticated", createmethod($t, $t.$ct.onauthenticated));

I am not overriding any CSS that I am aware of




I have fixed a typo and can now enter an email address into the login box, but it will not allow me to type anything into the password box?