JWT Token Issue in Winforms C# App

I have to Build a windows app for Existing Website. Website is made using React Front end and Node back End .I’m using C# Winforms for desktop application.
When I try to get Access token in C# application It comes out to be different from Accesstoken of the website(React+Node) and verify it using jwt.io it comes out to be Invalid Signature
Invalid Access Token
I’m using C# Winforms example given by auth0.

Hi @chandrankar ,

Thank you for posting this topic on the Auth0 Community!

Could you please share with us your code to get the access token and the link to the C# winforms Auth0 example?

Also, have you tried the body scripts in Postman to verify if the same error occurs? Please make sure that the client_id and client_secrete are correct and the application has the Management API scope assigned.

Thank you!