Token is invalid JWT token auth0-react.js and .NET API

I have an React app using the auth0-react.js to request tokens; the token that is returned is invalid and doesn’t authenticate against my api but when I use the token I request manually via the Auth0 dashboard, it works:

Is there any known issue with JWT tokens and auth0-react.js and .NET API?

Hi @waju,

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It sounds to me that you may have generated an opaque access token. You can verify this by using it against the /userinfo endpoint.

In this situation, you will need to configure the audience in the Auth0Provider component to specify the audience in the auth0Provider options:

      audience="your-api-audience" // Specify your API's audience here>
  <MyApp />

From doing so, your app should generate a JWT access token when logging in.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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