Error validating token response: Identity token is missing on token response

in my account, I already have a application for my web API in password mode. That work correctly. But I try to create a second application in WinForm C#. I download the test application (auth0-WinFormsWPF-oidc-samples-master\Quickstart\00-Starter-Seed\WinForms).

The application run, after un update to framework 4.7.2 and a nuget update. But when I try, my loginResult is always in error with this error

“Error validating token response: Identity token is missing on token response.”

But in auth0 account, I see the user is successfull

I try with “Username-Password-Authentication” and with “google-oauth2”. Same error. The user is create, but in Winform I receive this error. I try the WPF demo, same.

Thanks in advance

Hi @msavard,

Unfortunatley, I am not familiar with WinForm C#, but it sounds like you may not be receiving the ID Token in the /oauth/token response. Have you tried specifying the openid scope?

scope: openid profile email

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ClientId ans Domain are ok
EnableTelemetry: true
Leeway: 00:05:05
LoadProfile: true
Scope: openid profile email

ClientSecret: null
MaxAge: null
PostLogoutRedirectionUri: null
RedirectUri: null
RefreshTokenMessage: null

connection: Username-Password-Authentication


Create Application in Auth0 account in type Native
In Quick Start: Download Exemple WPF / Winforms

Allowed Callback URLs and Allowed Logout URLs

Run with visual Studio 2019 and change for framework 4.7.2 because 4.7.2 is last .Net framework support by microsoft