Joomla 0Auth2 plug in

Feature: Joomla 0Auth2 Authentication Support (Plugin)

Description: Provide a plugin for Joomla to connect to Auth0 that supports the use of OAuth2 for SSO/Identity verification.

Use-case: I want my Auth0 registered users to be able to use their Auth0 identities to automatically (SSO) login to Joomla without further need for credentials. I would like this authentication to use OAuth2 (as well as providing human-readable identifying information held by Auth0: e.g. Name/s, Email, Phone etc.) so that Joomla can use this information internally for articles, attribution etc.

I want to be able to assign Joomla roles/permissions to each Auth0 identity from within Joomla that authorises them to perform (possibly different) tasks within Joomla.

I want to limit the “login to a specific Joomla instance” to a defined group of Auth0 users i.e. only those Auth0 users in Group A can SSO to Joomla instance A.

Hi @MadMapMan,

Thank you for creating this feedback request!

Let’s hope it attracts as many votes as possible.

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