Joomla, anyone?

Trying Joomla integration as shown in Auth0 docs.

It installs fine on 3.8 (though the last push was in 2017), but won’t validate credentials.

The Auth0 app settings are Regular Web Application, Token Endpoint Authentication Method is POST. Didn’t use any extra settings because the docs don’t specify it (?), in contrast to Wordpress it seems. Is that right?

How does the credential validation work in Auth0’s Joomla component?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Edit: added Allowed Callback URLs: [address]/index.php?option=com_auth0&task=coverify and Allowed Web Origins: [address]/index.php?option=com_auth0&task=auth, but to no avail

Edit 2: Is Auth0’s Joomla component only using embedded login, and thus only available to paying Auth0 customers? Any help appreciated - thank you!

Hey there @larissa!

Not a Joomla guy unfortunately but let me talk to someone who has experience with it and get you the information you need!

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While I’m waiting for a reply - how can I pause my trial? Thank you

Hey there!

Do you have a developer or developer pro account?

Since you seem to be unable to pause my trial, please reset and delete my Auth0 account.

I am very disappointed that Auth0 advertises their Joomla compatibility when it is in fact so dysfunctional.

I just contacted you via private message about that.