JavaScript Action linting and auto rollback

Bug/Feature: The JavaScript for Rules and Actions should be linted before being deployed.

Description: We have had two severe outages recently related to a single curly brace } that broke all logins. One was for a completely new Rule being added. The other one was for an Action that was modified through the Console.

The recommendation is to implement the following:

  • For the Terraform Auth0 module, all scripts should be linted at a minimum before attempting to deploy.
  • If a parsing error is caused by the execution of a newly deployed Rule or Action, all related changes should probably be rolled back, and at a minimum, the new Rule/Action reverted to the prior version (limited to one rollback to prevent a run away rollback). I know this may not be completely desirable for all deployments, but at a minimum, allow the script to be resilient and allow the last known, working configuration to be re-instated.
  • Before a new rule is loaded into Auth0, a linter should be run on it to prevent blocking all logins.

Use-case: Basic Terraform Auth0-module deployment of Rules.

Hey there @wsutton-indigo welcome to the community, and thanks for the feedback!

Sorry to hear about the outages, this a great idea that could certainly save some headache :pray: Our product team pays close attention to these types of requests for community engagement, let’s hope this gets some upvotes from other members :rocket: