Auth0 deploy client did not deploy actions

When deploying auth0 config with deploy cli tool the action does not get bound to the flow. It needs to be manually dragged in the dashboard to the login flow.

Is there a way to get the action automatically added to the login flow?

The config is in json file auth0-config/actions/post-login-action.json

  "name": "post-login-action",
  "code": "post-login-action.js",
  "runtime": "node16",
  "status": "built",
  "dependencies": [
      "name": "node-fetch",
      "version": "2.6.1"
  "secrets": [
  "supported_triggers": [
      "id": "post-login",
      "version": "v2"
  "deployed": true
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I am facing the same problem today. I want to add an action to the pre-user-registration flow. Were you able to figure out a fix for this, @mhautala ?

I also attempted doing this in yaml syntax as suggested at Auth0-deploy-cli yaml configuration: Add an action to a flow but that doesn’t even create the action, let alone deploy and then add to the action.

Any suggestions, anybody?