A0deploy export does not download action flows?

I’m currently migration our RULES and HOOKS towards ACTIONS.
That gives me 8 POST-LOGIN rules I had to set up, in a very specific order, in the LOGIN ACTION flow.
When I run the a0deploy export so I can update my gitlab config to deploy my setup towards our other environments, I see my action scripts files and their references in the tennant file, but no trace of my flow, am I missing something or do we have to create those manually from one environment to the other?


Hi @pierre.garon,

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I understand you are looking for clarification on how to set up your Actions flows with the Auth0 Deploy CLI.

You can use the triggers object and deploy your Actions and manage the order in which they flow.

Here’s an example:

    - action_name: pw-change-test
      display_name: pw test
    - action_name: post-login-test
      display_name: login test
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Great thanks a bunch, worked like a charm!! :sunglasses:

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Great! Thanks for the feedback!

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