Issues with openid and management api


I am using OpenID node implementation. That redirects me to log in. All is good here.

The issue is I need to add two checkboxes. One for terms and conditions and one for newsletter subscription. How does one go about doing this?

I found that it’s not possible with the new universal login. That’s cool. I can use Classic, but I cannot find any guides about how to add it, and nothing comes up from the search dashboard.

Things I need.

  1. How to add checkboxes
  2. How to validate the T&C checkbox is checked before login
  3. How to call Mailchimp after registering if the user checked

Hi @maciej

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

If you want to add checkboxes to your signup place, I encourage you to check our Custom Universal Login Page, which you can customize in the Auth Dashboard → Branding → Advanced Options → Login and Enable Customize Login Page.

To add T&C to your lock configuration, you need to append options with mustAcceptTerms

When set to true displays a checkbox input alongside the terms and conditions that must be checked before signing up. The terms and conditions can be specified via the languageDictionary option. This option will only take effect for users signing up with database connections. Defaults to false.

mustAcceptTerms: true

To add 2nd checkbox for the newsletter, you can add an additional field in the options with a checkbox type. Checkbox configuration User choice will be saved in the user metadata.

To call Mailchimp after the user registers in your system, you can use Post-Register Auth0 Actions. Our documentation which you can find here, will help you set up the correct flow of passing necessary data to Mailchimp. I hope it will help you.


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