Making custom checkbox field mandatory in signup form


I would like to know is there any way I can add validation to a custom checkbox field. I can see that I can the validation only on text fields.

I have referred to the some old questions but haven’t found an answer there.
(Add a validation rule to custom checkbox field in Lock 11)
(Add a validation rule to custom checkbox field in Lock 10)

Like the OP in link 2 above I am trying to add this checkbox to get confirmation from the user signing up that he/she agrees with the terms and conditions.
The link mentioned in his response ( ) is broken as well.

Any help on how I can achieve my expected goal.
I want that user cannot proceed with signup until he/she accepts T&Cs. Hence I am adding a checkbox here. I am using the AuthO lock.


The mustAcceptTerms Lock configuration option forces the acceptance of the terms and conditions checkbox in Lock; the new documentation is here:

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Thanks @prashantT that resoved my issue. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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