Issue: multi tenant setup from auth0-sample


Not sure if it is the right place to post that, .


Hey there,

I am one of the original authors of this sample. This was built a while back for the purposes of a webinar and it has not been updated since and likely will need to handle some new changes in auth0 like claim namespacing. I’ll take a look at what might be the cause and push a fix as soon as possible. I’ll update here once I am done.

After I fix this issue I am going to be archiving this repository so that it doesn’t cause concern in the future. I’ll also follow up on your issue in GitHub once I take a look. Sorry for the confusion here.


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Hey there,

I went ahead and updated this sample. In the end the sample was created before Auth0 forced namespaces for clients (pre-OIDC conformance). Since then, custom claims are now requiring namespaces in the JWT. I updated this application to use an expected namespace and everything should be working.

Here is a commit for that change if you are interested:



Hey, thanks for the update, I noticed two missing update so I commented the issue : Enhance auth0 setup part 4 : rule · Issue #14 · auth0-samples/auth0-multitenant-website · GitHub

I pull and locally fix it, it works ! thanks :slight_smile:

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