Multi-Tenant Authorization Questions

I’ve reconfigured my application to be multi-tenant. It’s working well(ish), but I need to make significant improvements to managing Authorization.

I see a structure with a Tenant table, a TenantUser table, and a TenantPermission table (or maybe TenantRole) in addition to User, Permission, Role. I’d like to have the entirety of a users Authorization (even across multiple tenants) come back as Claims in the JWT if possible,.

My question is has anyone used Auth0 in a scenario like this? We’re using OIDC for Authentication with JWT passed in to our microservices. I believe I could extend/customize Auth0 to support our slightly more complex Authorization model, but I don’t like the idea of having extra code handling this feature outside of our normal code base.

So - any thoughts or tips from you folks who have done this?

Hey there @mikahb, I would love to find out more details about your use case especially on having all the users authorizations come back as claims in JWTs. This would not be a common implementation so the more information we can gather the better we can assist. While I realize this topic is a number of months old, I wanted to reach out and find out more along with apologize for the delay in the response. Please let us know if you have any additional questions we could assist with. Thanks in advance!

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