Is there anyway to get the logs when there are 401s? to get more info?


We currently use Serverless Framework with httpApi on our lambdas so the authentication works prior to hitting the lambda. We are getting random 401s, sometimes feels like 10% of all calls. We just make the same call again without changing anything and it works again.

Would love to know if there is any way to get more information so we could help debug this and see if there is anything we could be doing to help reduce this.


Hi @erwin_astroship

Are you checking the tenant logs when this happens? That may have more info.


Is this monitoring > logs from the dashboard or somewhere else? at that location the logs don’t seem to show any particular calls, just logins and “Authorization code for access token”

Yes, that is the location. Look for the calls that failed and see if there is more info in the body of the log info.