401 from /userinfo

Hello, we’ve just started seeing 401’s on our API tests that login and call /userinfo.
These run on every code commit, there has been no change to the credentials, configuration or tests themselves and so it seems there is a critical error with the endpoint.

Please urgently advise.

Hi @cem.it,

I just did a test and could not reproduce any problem calling the /userinfo endpoint on one of my tenants.

A 401 response most likely indicates a problem with the access token. For example, this could be due to the access token having expired or a JWT-formatted token being used without the /userinfo endpoint included as an audience.

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The access token hasn’t expired as the login request precedes this call by milliseconds.

I don’t know what you mean by “included as an audience”

This was working on Friday, on Saturday it stopped working with no change on our side.