Is there a way to invite a user to a tenant through code?

Trying to check on Auth0 management API but can’t find a way to automate the process of inviting user to a tenant. Anyone know how?

Hey @coderbn !

Unfortunately it’s not doable via our Management API. Two things you can achieve using our API in terms of tenants is either getting or updating tenant settings:!/Tenants/patch_settings

If you want to invite someone to tenant, you need to do it via our dashboard:

may be like this :

you can create user (!/Users/post_users),
then ask for change password link (!/Tickets/post_password_change),
then ask for validation ticket (!/Tickets/post_email_verification) with change password link as callback,
then send an email to the user with this link

I think that what @coderbn wanted was a single API call right? Cause there is a solution for that as you mentioned @sl1 but it requires a little bit of hustle and it’s not that straightforward.

Yes wanted to use a single call if possible.
Thanks @konrad.sopala and @sl1 will try your suggestions if that cater my needs.

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Sure! Let us know if that worked for you!