Is there a management API call to get M2M Daily Quota Usage

I want to programmatically download the CSV file for M2M token usage (called “Authentication Calls by Application - Daily” in the UI). The reason is so I can post it internally where all our developers can access it and so we can set an alert on it so we will notice if some developer writes bad code that starts burning through tokens.

I didn’t see this API call in the management API. Can someone point me to the right spot? Or suggest a curl command I can use to pull that file once a day? Thanks!!

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Hello @bill-s ,

Unfortunately, there isn’t an equivalent endpoint for retrieving the quota utilization using the Management API at the moment. The current workaround is the manual process of downloading the CSV.

If you have a moment, this is a great opportunity to create a feedback request for this feature on our Feedback page .




Thanks for the answer, I took the liberty to create the feedback here Add a management API endpoint to get M2M Daily Quota Usage. Feel free to upvote it


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