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Is it possible to customise the pages for 2FA with SMS authentication?



Hello All,

I was searching on this for a while and still couldn’t get an answer yet on this topic yet. So thats why I am creating this query. Here follows my problem:

  1. I am creating a web application and integrating Auth0 for authentication purposes.
  2. I have enabled MFA using SMS , so the users of my app will be login using 2FA.
  3. My app is springboot webapp and I am using the Auth0 java SDK.

So here comes the question : Is it possible to customise all the user interfaces which are displayed in the 2FA process sequence ? I saw Auth0 Login page can be customised using Hosted pages. But how about the SMS OTP entering screen and success message screen ? Is it possible to customise these pages as well?

I saw the Lock SDK, which I really don’t get its actual use and I am not sure if that can be used or not to solve this problem ?

If somebody can light me on this would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance