Is it possible to customise the pages for 2FA with SMS authentication?

Hello All,

I was searching on this for a while and still couldn’t get an answer yet on this topic yet. So thats why I am creating this query. Here follows my problem:

  1. I am creating a web application and integrating Auth0 for authentication purposes.
  2. I have enabled MFA using SMS , so the users of my app will be login using 2FA.
  3. My app is springboot webapp and I am using the Auth0 java SDK.

So here comes the question : Is it possible to customise all the user interfaces which are displayed in the 2FA process sequence ? I saw Auth0 Login page can be customised using Hosted pages. But how about the SMS OTP entering screen and success message screen ? Is it possible to customise these pages as well?

I saw the Lock SDK, which I really don’t get its actual use and I am not sure if that can be used or not to solve this problem ?

If somebody can light me on this would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Hey there @syam00, I apologize for the delay in response.

After confirming with one of our senior engineers I have been able to confirm that this is not currently possible. However if you believe that this could help you and your team, I would recommend visiting and sharing your use case there. Each one of these submissions are read by our product team and help shape the future along with our product roadmap. Thanks!

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