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Is it impossible to change user name of an existing user when Auth0 is the Identity Provider Attributes Section?


I created three users to be test users in our application. I created them using the very simple “create user” interface in the Users & Roles section of the dashboard. Unfortunately, this only lets me set the email address, but I would also like to set some other details that should be sourced from the identity provider.

Since auth0 is the identity provider in this case I looked at!/Users/patch_users_by_id to see if I could update the user I’ve already created but it looks like given_name, family_name, name, and nickname are not on the list of patchable fields.

However if I look at the Create a user, which I assume the auth0 dashboard is using, it does allow me to set the given_name, family_name, name, and nickname.

Do I really need to delete these users and create them with the!/Users/post_users endpoint just so that I can add the names?

If that’s ACTUALLY true :face_vomiting: can Auth0 please add these simple fields to the create a user/edit a user in the dashboard? Can the patch API be updated to allow us to update the user’s familiar names?


Those fields cannot currently be edited. This is on the product roadmap:

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Thanks Markd that answers my question.

Time to write some curl scripts D:

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