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How to edit a Users Profile name and nickname



Using the dashboard to create a user, I was not prompted for a name or nickname of the user. They were defaulted to the email. Is there anyways to change it after creation?


Unfortunately, at the moment it is yet not possible to update the name and nickname of a user. You can check the list of attributes that can be updated in the [Update a user] (!/Users/patch_users_by_id) endpoint.

If you need a way to store an editable user’s profile name and nickname, you can look into using user_metadata and app_metadata.

For reference, here is also an older ongoing discussion regarding this topic:


Cool, Thanks!


If we want to store a username in the user_metadata since we cannot updated the nickname of the user, how do we make it unique? Like how do we check during signup that the username field we’re creating in the user_metadata is unique?