Changing user's Name didn't update family_name

From the Auth0 Dashboard I found the user under the User Management list. On the Details page for that user i clicked the “edit” button under their name, and fixed a spelling issue. However, when i then switch over to the “Raw Json” tab their family_name value still has the old spelling. The name is updated but that update didn’t also change “family_name”.

Is the only way for me to update a user’s Family Name to make Management API requests?
Is there no UI for editing these kind of user details?
What’s the use case for a “name” to be different than “given_name” + “family_name”? Isn’t that what “nickname” is for?

Hi @daniel.vogel,

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Yes, in this context, the only way to update a user’s Family Name is to use the Management API’s Update a user endpoint.

There is currently no UI for editing these particular root attributes.

A user’s name usually comprises the user’s given name and family name. For example, if the given_name=John and family_name=Doe, we can say the user’s name=John Doe. The Nickname might be “Johnny,” for instance.

Does that help?