Is EU tenant required for GDPR compliance

We are about to lunch with a client in the EU and I wonder if that means that we have to create an EU tenant for those users due to GDPR compliance. Also, if that is required, how to go around setting up that new tenant? We have a bunch of hooks, rules, etc and I believe there got to be a better way of doing this than simply copying everything one by one. I know there is Management API v2, but if I understand it correctly, that still requires running every ‘category’ one by one. The biggest issue, however, is how to go around Client ID and audience, because the mobile app, as well as web app, requires those credentials in order to authenticate the user, so how would it know which tenants credentials to use? What is the best practise here? And do we even need that new tenant or is there an easier/better way of doing it?

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Let me reach out to the team about this one. I’ll update here when I hear back from them.

In order to have the data stored in the EU you would need an EU tenant.

You can use the Deploy CLI to import/export tenant configs. Let me know if you have any questions.

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