Is AUTH0_API_MAX_RETRIES still supported?

I am trying to update the version of the Auth0 Deploy CLI my team uses. I noticed that our config uses a particular setting AUTH0_API_MAX_RETRIES which is no longer documented as an option. However, the source code still appears to use the value and I found nothing pointing to its deprecation or removal. It just disappeared from the documentation in the Github repo sometime around v7.0.0

Is this option still functional? Is it deprecated or unsupported now? If it is deprecated, what should I do to transition away from its use?

Hey there @cmcgowan!

Thanks for pointing this out - As far as I can tell this is still supported, but I am digging into this a bit to confirm. I’ll let you know as soon as I have more information myself.


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Hi @cmcgowan. I’m Will, a contributor of the Deploy CLI.

Yes, the AUTH0_API_MAX_RETRIES configuration is still supported in the latest version (v7.17.x). And as you’ve noticed, it is one of a few undocumented config properties.

Over the years, the Deploy CLI has accumulated a lot of configuration properties that have solved a wide-array of customer issues. However, some of these configurations only apply to a small subset of customers with one-off needs. In an attempt to simplify adoption and reduce noise, we’ve somewhat intentionally omitted some configuration properties from documentation.

For the AUTH0_API_MAX_RETRIES property specifically, the default is ten retries. This default is sensible for the vast number of cases; it smooths over most intermittent issues but not completely excessive. I do not believe that overriding this default is necessary in most cases unless you have a very specific use case. You’re welcome to keep as-is, it won’t affect your development workflows, but you’re also welcome to remove to simplify your configuration.

Hope that answers your question!

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