Critical Issue with Auth0 v3 in latest auth0-deply-cli


Auth0 have currently out in draft PR a fix that addresses a critical dependabot issue we have with the latest version “auth0-deploy-cli”: “7.21.0”, namely in formidable.
This is as a result of auth0-deploy-cli depending on an older version of auth0, specifically “^3.0.0”.

Can you let me know when you expect a fix to be put out.

Thanks in advance
Kieran Hegarty

Hi @Kieran.Hegarty

Welcome back to the Auth0 Community!

Can you pass me the link to the PR. I will ask the PR or Repo owner for the ETA.


Hey @dawid.matuszczyk

Here is the PR mentioned by Kieran

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Thanks @Craig.Corry!

Hi @Craig.Corry and @Kieran.Hegarty,

I’ve talked with the PR’s owner, and due to the breaking changes it introduces, it’s not yet set when and if it will be released. When I have more details, I will share them with you immediately.


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