Invited to new team, yet can't select new tenant

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I created my own account for development, now when are ready to goto production we created a new account/tenant to use for our organization. My supervisor then invited me to the new team and I accepted it, I can login to the new team page etc but in the dashboard I can’t switch my tenant, the selector is just greyed out. What do I do?

Hi @rao,

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I understand you are having an issue with the tenant switch selector being greyed out.

Usually, you can solve this issue by clearing the browser caches or trying a different device.

(Reference: Unable to Switch Tenants)

Let us know if you continue having issues with this.


Hi Rueben

I have tried incognito mode, switching browser, clearing cache etc nothing works.

I still can’t switch my tenant from team-fwlczic to the tenant at team-nyiew54 which i have been invited to and accepted. I can login to team-nyiew54 just fine but under dashboard i cannot change my tenant to it.

What is wrong?

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Nvm, it works, we had not given my account any tenant access. That was a bit tricky figuring out.

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Hi @rao,

I’m glad you were able to switch tenants successfully now.

Please reach out again if you have any additional questions.


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