Invite users never receive new password reset link after not responding to initial invite email

Hi, we have implemented an invite only system where our api (dotnet core) creates Auth0 users using Auth0.ManagementApi and then creates a change password request using AuthenticationApiClient
The email templates use conditions to represent the change password email as a welcome email.

This is all as outlined as a method here:

However we are getting many users who delay their response, not being able to set their password due to a link expired message. When trying to reset password using the login page’s password reset link they never receive an email.
If i manual resend the password reset email as admin from the control panel they never receive the email.
I ‘Think’ this may be because the users email is not verified?

Can anyone confirm this is the issue
Is the a better way to do this to avoid the issue?

Hello @craig.chandler,

Welcome to the Community! I believe email_verified: true is required for password resets, and this doc seems to support that:

We use the invite model and manual user creation model for some of our user communities, and we always set email_verified to true for those users. Since we are explicitly creating the accounts ourselves, we assume the email address has been vetted.

Ok, the mentioned document page, uses the email_verified = false as a way to customise the email as a welcome email for first time users. I’m guessing the only way around that is to use app or user metadata