Creating an invite only application. Sending Email and changing password as a verification.

Hi there! I’m using the Node.js management library to create my users. I take in an email address and send that off and want to be able to have my users reset their password as an email. Do I have to send the password reset ticket in an email via an external provider? I mean that by not plugging in my details into auth0. As I’ve tried using my own mail provider with the API explorer and can’t seem to get the system to send my user an email when creating a password reset ticket.

I am using the /api/v2/tickets/email-verification endpoint to create these.

and it says

If you invoke this endpoint without specifying the new_password parameter, the link at the email will redirect the user to a page prompting to set a new password.

This ticket also produces the email verification but no password reset, so I am a bit confused here.

Our invite-only document outlines how this flow would work:

For the invite only flow, you will need to send the verification email from your server. The email verification link you generate will redirect to a page on your application where user’s can reset their passwords.