Invite-only - Allow signup from invited but no one else

Hi all,

I’m trying to implement invitation workflow using organisations.
For now I successfully did it. :tada:
But I need to enable signup for all user to allow invited user to register properly.

Is there a way to enable sign ups only for invited users?

Thanks in advance

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Hey there!

Let me reach out to appropriate team to find out more about it!

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@konrad.sopala any update?

Hey there!

Here’s what the team shared:

“You can just rely on the fact that signups in Auth0 can be disabled entirely, then you can create a user and invite them via the invite only flow instead of the orgs invite flow and grant them membership”

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Thank you for answering!

By invite flow do you mean this process:

If yes, it feels more like a workaround than an invite flow, to me organisation invite flow seems the way to go.

Yep that’s what I meant. I know it can look like a workaround but that’s actually the flow we recommend for invites. That’s also what Organisations team suggested here.