How to allow user to signup from Organization Invite (B2B SaaS)

We are providing a B2B SaaS application.
We want to provide our users with the functionality to issue new accounts for their organization.
Here is the signup experience we want to implement.

  1. User with administrator role issues new invitation to non-user within their company
  2. Invitation email is sent to new user
  3. New user is sent to signup page
  4. Once signup is done, new user can login to their organization’s app

We initially thought the above flow could be implemented through “Invite Members”, but we are now of the understanding that this requires a two stage approach of issueing the account first, and then inviting the user/account to the organization.
I believe what I am looking for is the solution described here

I have two questions;

  1. Is there still no out-of-the-box solution for the above flow?
  2. If not, what is the best practice flow for implementing said flow?

Hi @thomas9 , welcome to the Auth0 community,

The invitation flow you describe should work. Please take a look at the options available here - Send Organization Membership Invitations.
Even if the user doesn’t exist in your datastore, the invitation can be generated. Just ensure that your application has the Application Login URI configured (in the Auth0 Tenant) for the invitation links to work.

You could implement this invitation flow for Admin Users by giving them the ability within your app to call this management API endpoint.

Hope this helps!