Sign up process for oganization setup


I recently started using Auth0 with B2B setup (Organization). I recently faced some issues related to the signup flow.

After a user creates the account with email and password, the redirect falls into a 400 broken page. Logs in Auth0 dashboard show client requires organization membership, but user does not belong to any organization which makes sense because the user is not assign to any company yet.

Then I tried disabling signup by going to Authentication > Database > Disable sign ups This will just prevent users from create new accounts without being assigned to an organization. However, If I try to use invitation link, users are not allowed to “create account” meaning they are not able to setup their passwords.

Now, After reading so many threads, forums, tutorials I haven’t found any solution yet. Which makes me think, Auth0 should have thought of this already. It is a VERY common usecase.

I am thinking there must be a way of catching when a user doesn’t have an organization yet and by using Actions we could redirect them to a specific page. We don’t want to let them create organiazation as crazy so we need to just get their user info and with that we will continue with the creation of the organization.

If anyone had something similar and found solution I would like to hear.