Invalid authorization code on enterprise connection

Hello, I have recently starting using Auth0 platform for one use case of your application. The requirement was to implement SSO feature on our web application. I started by creating a single page application on one specific tenant since our client server is created with Angular and I have created manually one organization, on the other hand I created another tenant on same Auth0 platform and created a web application app. After these steps I created an enterprise connection of type OpenId on first application and connected it with the clientId and URL of second application created on second tenant. The idea here is for users of our application that when they click on Sign in with SSO option they will firstly be redirected to our Auth0 tenant login page where they will type in the organization and after that based on organization Auth0 will redirect them to their IdP page, in my case Idp was also Auth0(Second application on second tenant). After doing all these I get the state and code since i successfully log in but when i try with postman to get the access token via this call it keeps returning my Invalid authorization code even though I have checked everything and all the data are correct. Any idea what I am missing here?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @rinaselmani9,

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That sounds like the correct flow. Is there a message about the invalid code? Sometimes the error is accompanied by a message with more information about what is causing the error.

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