Getting Invalid authorization code Error

Hi, I’m getting Invalid authorization code error sometimes and not sure what this means.

  "date": "2022-09-02T12:37:57.824Z",
  "type": "feacft",
  "description": "Invalid authorization code",
  "connection_id": "",
  "client_id": "client_id",
  "client_name": "client_name",
  "ip": "ip",
  "user_agent": "Chrome 105.0.0 / Windows 10.0.0",
  "details": {
    "code": "******************************************I8G"
  "hostname": "",
  "user_id": "",
  "user_name": "",
  "auth0_client": {
    "name": "auth0-spa-js",
    "version": "1.22.2"
  "log_id": "log_id",
  "_id": "_id",
  "isMobile": false,
  "id": "id"

Hey @chris.lee !

This can be thrown for a few reasons - In my experience the most common case being that a code is used more than once.

Hope this helps!


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